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  • A married couple go to a restaurant. A blonde waitress takes their order and returns several minutes later, carrying a plate with only a plain hamburger bun on it. The man asks, "Where's the burger?" The waitress lifts her arm and pulls out a burger from her armpit. "I was keeping it warm," she replies. The wife says, "Please cancel my hot dog order."

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  • Did you know swimming in a public pool, an average person takes in no more than 1,5 liters of urin? Didn't think so... Well. Have a great swim later today.

Biggest spiders in the world - SHIT!

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Spiders is a creepy kind of living thing. Just thinking about six or even eight eyes walking around on something like eight legs, on the ground, on the wall, in the roof... Shit. They are just nasty. At least that's my opinion on these nasty creatures. Yeah... I remember the times as a kid, collecting spiders in a box, just because I wanted to take so good care of them. It was not really happydays when I one day woke up - just to find them all stone dead. Nobody ever told me that spiders actually needed air to stay alive. I thought food was enough. But what happened? Today, there no thing on this planet that freaks me out more than spiders.

Did you know that spiders actually have a very important task on this planet? If it wasn't for the spiders the planet would be crawling over with insects, walking around just about anywhere. Spiders eat other nasty creatures, before they become food for other creatures again, like birds and reptiles. Guess it could be a good reason not to put like 20 books on the top of a spider in the middle of the living room next time you see one.

Spiders exist in many sizes, and in this movie we will be checking out the biggest ones we have walking around on this planet. There's no doubt. Some of these guys you just do NOT want to meet taking a walk in the woods.

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Biggest spiders in the world

TitleBiggest spiders in the world - SHIT!

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