Just cant stop loving this guy - Mr Bean in room 426

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A part of this site is about giving you funny movies. Now, what would it be without the greatest of the greatest? Well? OK. I give up. ALMOST the greatest of the greatest. Sit back, relax and enjoy this great piece of work by the great piece of a funny dude, Mr Bean.

Did you know, the series of Mr Bean (only 14 was ever created actually) was broadcasted in nearly 200 countries around the planet? Not bad for a dude with this kind of intelligence, and even when he was named after a vegetable. Yeah. I guess most people never did really think about that vegetable-thing. Why didn't anyone consider naming hos Mr Carrot? Ok. To be quite honest, they were actually originally going to call him Mr White, but after a but here and a but there, it ended up with something so simple as Bean. Not to bad of a name, really.

OK. I'm giving up. This must be enough talk about Misters and vegetables for today. Have a laugh and enjoy the movie!