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  • It was the first time a blonde was eating Thanksgiving dinner without her family, so she prepared a dinner by herself. The next day, her mother called to see how everything went. "Mom, I made myself a lovely dinner, but I had so much trouble trying to eat the turkey!" the blonde said. "Did it not taste good?" her mother asked. "I don't know," the blonde replied. "It wouldn't sit still!"

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  • Did you know swimming in a public pool, an average person takes in no more than 1,5 liters of urin? Didn't think so... Well. Have a great swim later today.

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That brain of ours is a strange thing. Once we read about something being sexy, creepy or scary, then we just have to check out what's going on. Just a bit like you on the movie you're currently watching. Was it the title of the movie? Was is the image put together with the movie? Maybe it's not that strange, it's just the way curiosity works, checking out stuff that triggers that thing between our ears. If we don't want to check out anything, then we most likely will end up dumber and dumber each year going by. Growing old talking about all the boring stuff we did when we was younger. Dude, that's just boring.

Anyway, it's time to check of the most sexy pranks from the great guys at Just for laughs gags. What a great way to get a day going Smiley very happy Dude, there's really only one thing wrong with this one, which is the duration. I wish this one was like maybe one hour longer. Enjoy the movie and have a great laugh. Smiley little happy

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