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  • A blonde calls a pharmacy to ask if she needs an infant scale to weigh a baby. The clerk explains that many mothers figure out an infant's weight by weighing themselves while holding the baby on an adult scale and then subtracting their own weight. "Oh, that won't work," replies the blonde. "I'm not the mother -- I'm the aunt."

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  • A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

Just for Laughs Gags - Best Magic Tricks Pranks

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OK you guys. It's time to go ahead with some hidden camera from the guys at Just for Laughs Gags again. These movies just can't go wrong. Putting movies on a site like Fancymovies.com is not easy when we are talking Just for Laughs Gags. We guess you can understand why. We're getting stuck watching them like 20 minutes each time we're trying to put out a new one. Just really can't stop. And dude, when enjoying these movies there's always something missing. The cup of coffee... So. In order to add one of these goodies we are using like 5 minutes of making that coffee in addition to the 20 minutes we lay back in the chair watching them. Smiley very happy

This movie is all about magic pranks. To be more exact, in this movie you'll find the best magic pranks created on hidden cam by the best ones in the genre, for Laughs Gags. What would you do when kids all the sudden can turn police officers into rabbits? Hehe, guess you would start wondering what the heck is actually going on. Smiley little happy

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