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  • Once there was a blonde driving home from work when she saw a sheep farm. She stops and asks the farmer if she can have a sheep. The farmer says "If you can count all my sheep I'll let you have any one you want." The blonde looks around her for a moment and says, "You have 356 sheep." The farmer exclaims, "Wow -- you're exactly right. I guess blondes really aren't dumb. Now go pick yourself out a sheep." The blonde makes her choice, picks it up, comes back to the farmer to thank him. "Oh no," he says, "you can't have that one." "Why not?" asks the blonde, "you said I could have any sheep I wanted." And the farmer says, "Ma'am, that's my dog."

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  • A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

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Dude, it's been a long time since we've had any sexy stuff at Fancymovies, so I guess it's time to get some more sexy, fancy stuff from Just For Laughs Gags going. Some sketches from these good guys is just not wrong at all. I just found this one in that list of movies to get out on Fancymovies and today is all about the best of the best in Just for laughs gags sexy-category!

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