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  • How many blondes does it take to milk a cow? Five - one to hold the udder, and four to lift and the cow up and down.

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  • A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

Movie number 4 of the 50 amazing facts to blow your mind

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Yeah, at Fancymovies fun facts about anything is just part of a great life. Today, we're going wild with 50 amazing facts to blow your mind #4. I just seriously can't get enough of these great movies by Matthew Santoro. I guess this dude makes me a smarter dude every time I watch these movies. Did you know he seriously did create insanely many of these movies. In my head as writing, I think he has more than 50 movies with 50 amazing facts in each one. Dude, that's like 2500 facts. As I've said before, this guy must have some kind of a brilliant mind just in order to find all all of this. I'm sure when he's out for beer, he's making questions in his mind about who created the doors into the shop, who created the floor and the roof in the shop, who created the beer can? Who created the cash register? Jupp, you get the point. Using all that information can seriously make someone find facts just about anything in this world.

Did you, for instance (as I just learned watching this) know why the lego-figure-head has holes in it? That's actually because of kids swallowing them, they still get air through that system. If you're eye was a digital camera it would have like 576 megapixels. Guess soon that's about what we have in cameras.

Are you one of them guys liking to try new places going out for a bite? Then, move to New York. In New York there are so many restaurants, that you could eat at a different place every day for about 12 years. And dude? Did you know that the fruit "orange" didn't get it's name from the color? Nope, the color did actually get it's name from the fruit. Not bad. Enjoy the great piece of work by Matthew. Smiley little happy

By the way? Did you know that this movie is 739 seconds long which means that in average, Matthew is using 8.7 seconds on each fact? Can you get it done faster?