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  • A grasshopper walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Hey, we have a drink named after you!" The grasshopper looks surprised and asks, "You have a drink named Steve?"

We love fun facts

  • A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

Adam Ruins Everything - The Real Reason Car Dealerships Are the Worst

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Did you ever wonder why the car dealerships only sell that one brand? And why does it all have to be so completely complicated to get a brand new car these days? Just imagine it, if you we're to buy an orange. First you would need to know what kind of brand that orange should have, then you should get to the nearest store who sells that brand you want. And of course, when peeling that orange you should use brand-specific equipment or else the orange would loose it flavor, just like when car dealers scare you talking about loosing warranties if you don't use overpriced parts and workshops approved by the brand itself. Dude, Adam really do have some great points in yet another one of his great movies. Sit back and learn a couple of things about buying new cars. Smiley little happy