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  • A man walked into the office of the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Heidberg, and sat down to explain his problem. "Doctor, doctor! I've got this problem," the man said. "I keep hallucinating that I'm a dog. It's crazy. I don't know what to do!" "A common canine complex," said the doctor soothingly. "Relax. Come here and lie down on the couch." "Oh no, Doctor," the man said nervously, "I'm not allowed up on the furniture."

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  • A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

Well hello, Schnuffelienchen (Snuggelina) - Kiss me, hold me, love me

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I just really can't help it. Fancymovies.com is all about fancy movies, and dude, there's really no doubt, Schnuffel's fancy girlfriend is yet another one of these fantastic cute bunnies that really belongs with us. The current movie you're watching (Kiss me, hold me, love me) was the first one ever by Snuggelina, released all the way back in 2010. The movies with Schnuffel's (Snuggle's) girlfriend never did get as far up as Schnuffel himself. I can actually understand why, she's just not cute and cool enough at the same time, and let's just be honest - she's just to slow, nothing like Schnuffel, who just really is the best in all these categories. Smiley very happy Buy hey - That certainly do not change the fact about Snuggelina being fancy and cute, in her own slow way. Smiley little happy