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Magicians biggest secrets finally revealed - First epiosde ever

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It's the show that magicians around the globe don't want you to see. Magicians biggest secrets finally revealed is a series of shows revealing the secrets behind many different magic tricks that many times fooled both you and me. We just can't help thinking that great magicians like David Blaine and Derren Brown hates this show, as in time, this show will reveal some great stuff many of us really did believe in. In time just about all episodes of the Magicians biggest secrets finally revealed-show will be available at Fancymovies.com.

Magicians biggest secrets finally revealed started up quite a long time ago. We're talking like almost all the way back to the stone age. More exact like the last century, back in the 1990's. Started up in 1997, they produced the first episode (the one you're currently watching), giving you hard honest facts about 13 different magic tricks. Just to give you a heads up, if you really enjoy watching magicians performing, do not watch this one. It will break a small part of that enjoyment you'll feel watching them perform.

Anyways, if you want to find out how they actually can stand in the air for just about 5 seconds, how they can pull a rabbit out of that hat? How they can make an elephant disappear or how to walk through a giant wall of steel? Being sliced in half? Turning a Bentley in to a Lamborgini? Making a soda can float through the air? Making someone disappear right before your eyes? Then dude, go ahead, watch this great piece of work from the last century. It lasts for more than 40 minutes, so relax. Find yourself a cold beer and relax. Smiley very happy