Random joke - Just for fun

  • A brunette, a red-head and a blonde were in jail when they decided to break out. The girls broke out and the brunette said, "Let's hide in that barn, they'll never find us." So they climed up the ladder and then the blonde threw it down. The next morning, the cops said, "Come out with your hands in the air!" The red-head said, "Hide in those baskets, they'll never find us!" So the Brunette got in the first one, the red-head got in the second one and the blonde got in the third one. Meanwhile, the cops were getting a ladder set up and trying to get up there. Once they got up, the seargent ordered them to kick the baskets. So the cop kicked the first one: "RUFF." "It's just a damn dog!" yelled the cop. The cop kicked the next one: "MEOW." "It's just a damn cat," yelled the cop. The cop kicked the next basket and the blonde yelled, "POTATOES!"

We love fun facts

  • A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

Magicans biggest secrets finally revealed - Third episode

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Dude. There really is nothing like great magic every now and then. Checking out some of these movies every now and then is just part of a great life.

As you might already know, Magicians biggest secrets finally revealed is not really what we define as a magicians-show, it's a show more about teaching you all the magic tricks the magicians use. How they do it, with great, detailed explanations of each step in the different tricks. As I've said before, if you really like magic-shows, do not watch this, as it will break that part of you enjoying the shows. At least a small bit of it.

Anyway. Get your cup of coffee, sit down, relax, this is a long one. Dude, we're talking 40 minutes. The third show in the Magicians biggest secrets finally revealed-series of movies will give you some explanations about the following magic tricks:

Bed of Spikes
The Stretch
Daggers of Death
Disappearing Scarf
The Haunted House
Disappearing Radio
Bullet Catch
Turning Water Into Ice
Mismatch Girl
Vanishing Tank

- Have a good one, ok? Smiley very happy