Random joke - Just for fun

  • Once there was a blonde driving home from work when she saw a sheep farm. She stops and asks the farmer if she can have a sheep. The farmer says "If you can count all my sheep I'll let you have any one you want." The blonde looks around her for a moment and says, "You have 356 sheep." The farmer exclaims, "Wow -- you're exactly right. I guess blondes really aren't dumb. Now go pick yourself out a sheep." The blonde makes her choice, picks it up, comes back to the farmer to thank him. "Oh no," he says, "you can't have that one." "Why not?" asks the blonde, "you said I could have any sheep I wanted." And the farmer says, "Ma'am, that's my dog."

We love fun facts

  • Did you know swimming in a public pool, an average person takes in no more than 1,5 liters of urin? Didn't think so... Well. Have a great swim later today.

Episode 5 of Magicians biggest secrets finally revealed

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Going on with the fifth episode of the great movie series - Magicians biggest secrets finally revealed you'll be getting just a little smarter learning how the following magic tricks is performed: Sawing through a woman with a buzz saw, making an assistant disappear, broom suspension, going through the portal, disappearing dumptruck, spike torture escape, making a table float without strings or magnets and frozen Alive.