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  • Q: How do you know a blonde is having a bad day? A: Her tampon is behind her ear, and she can't find her pencil.

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  • A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

Who let the bugs out? Most painful bites and stings a bug can give you

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Warning - If you're like me, hate bugs, this movie contain some creapy stuff. It's no secret. I hate these small bugs, especially in spring-time, crawling around outside the house and even some of them getting inside to check out my living room. Starting to wonder who tought them to go in my house to make my life miserable, - thinking it must be that evil bug-dad who tought that cute (NOT) bug-kid to make my life bad. What did I do to them creapy little bugs? Well. Now, should be said that I'm the kind of a guy who would put like 20 books on that spider in the middle of the living room, leaving it for a month before removing the first book. Yeah, great action at home! Smiley very happy

Did you ever concider how these ugly, creapy little bugs can hurt you? It's not exactly small stuff these guys can do to you when you meet them. Check out the movie, find out just what kind of bugs you do NOT want to have any beers with in the future. Seriously, I hate these guys so much I coudn't even watch the whole movie, seriously, to much creapy stuff. Smiley little angry Enjoy. Smiley very happy