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  • Three rabbits escape from a testing lab and find an entire field full of carrots. They eat themselves into a stupor and sleep throughout the night. The next morning, they find an entire field full of female rabbits with no males in sight. They screw themselves into a stupor and sleep throughout the night. The next morning, the rabbits get to talking. "I'm gonna go back to that field of carrots," says one. "I'm gonna go back to those cute little rabbits," says the second. "I'm going back to the lab," says the third. "I'm dying for a cigarette."

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  • Did you know swimming in a public pool, an average person takes in no more than 1,5 liters of urin? Didn't think so... Well. Have a great swim later today.

Karma's a bitch

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Sometimes you could start wondering about that karma stuff. It can hit you before you know it, so dude, think twice the next time you are planning some crazy funny stuff or simply is just gonna be an idiot. Reminds me of that time me and my friend was just a little bit annoyed at the people working in the kindergarten. The kid was so happy that morning, smiling from one ear to the other, eating chocolate all the way to a new fantastic day in the kindergarten. Guess he thought we (the adults) just had a really good day today and figured it would be best not to ask why all that chocolate. Kids are not stupid, do not underestimate them. Smiley little happy Of course, finally at the kindergarten we discover what we forgot. Planning day. Yay... Fantastic. Buy hey, that day turned out OK. Not complaining. Smiley little happy

Check out this great movie for even more ways that karma's gonna hit you. And... Don't forgot that part about thinking twice next time. Smiley little happy

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