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  • A man walked into the office of the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Heidberg, and sat down to explain his problem. "Doctor, doctor! I've got this problem," the man said. "I keep hallucinating that I'm a dog. It's crazy. I don't know what to do!" "A common canine complex," said the doctor soothingly. "Relax. Come here and lie down on the couch." "Oh no, Doctor," the man said nervously, "I'm not allowed up on the furniture."

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  • Did you know swimming in a public pool, an average person takes in no more than 1,5 liters of urin? Didn't think so... Well. Have a great swim later today.

You dog can actually walk ladder's - Funny dogs movie compilation

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Dogs can actually walk ladder's. Without me being sure about this one, I'd guess most people didn't know dogs actually could do that.

Enjoy today's movie - a great funny dogs movie compilation we picked out for you. Smiley little happy

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