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  • A blonde wanted to sell her car, but she couldn't find any buyers. She called her friend for advice, and her friend asked her how many miles she had on her car. She answered, "235,000 miles." Her friend told her that was the problem. So the blonde went to the mechanic and told him to put the miles at 40,000. Two days later the blonde's friend asked her if she sold the car after rolling back the odometer. The blonde told her, "Why would I sell my car? There are only 40,000 miles on it."

We love fun facts

  • Did you know swimming in a public pool, an average person takes in no more than 1,5 liters of urin? Didn't think so... Well. Have a great swim later today.

Would you give up your password to anyone? - Even strangers on the street?

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You're walking in the city, some tv company apparently makes a show about internet security and want's to chat with you. "Hey dude, tell us one of your online passwords", and you just like "Yeah, sure, it's 12345". Great Smiley very happy

Well. The most used password in 2016 was actually "12345", no surprise, it's been that way for years. But people are getting smarter. That same year we're talking "123456789" as the second most used password, going up from sixth place in 2014. In 2014 "password" was the second most used password, that one went all the way down to eight place in 2016. That developement is not bad, but, chaning your password from "password" to "123456789"? Dude, that's just bad.

Watch the movie, have a laugh, and - have a good one, ok? Smiley very happy